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At RCM-IT, we are here to help you with computing and IT needs. Our staff and affiliates have over 30 years of experience in computer technologies. We are engineers and are in the business of designing fast and efficient networks, servers, and database reporting software.

We take great pride and care in servicing our customers. Our commitment is to give the very best service we can so that you get exactly what you want. Part of our expertise is staying on time and on budget.


What we can do:
  • Customized Inventory, Ordering, and Report system statistics for most common applications.
  • Extend many existing systems thereby saving much time and money.
  • Reduce employee overhead and time.
  • Reduce server hardware with virtual machines.
  • Reduce server costs with royalty free software like Ubuntu Linux or Free BSD Unix.
  • Fill the need for an IT department in small companies without the perpetual salary costs.
  • Design very fast, secure, and efficient networks.

Our Services

Database and Reporting Tools

Our custom reporting software is tailored to fit your business needs, with a goal of increasing your bottom line. We are in the business of efficiency. The systems you already have can be extended to do more and work together with other existing software.....More >>

Computers and Networking

We can install, maintain, and troubleshoot any and all of your network equipment needs. Whether it is installing new equipment, upgrading existing equipment, or designing your network. We also can make older equipment work for you again thereby saving you money.....More >>


All of our servers are Unix/Linux based systems, designed to work with Windows networks. Most of our server software licensing is free. We can also help companies get off of the upgrade every year train saving IT resources and time

We are proud to offer an almost drop-in replacement for the original Small Business Server. This replacement offers an E-mail server, Web Server, and Active Directory Server on a Linux platform with Web and Graphical management features. Because this is a Linux technology, there are no client access licenses needed. This greatly reduces the cost of ownership for the small and mid-size office without sacrificing quality.... More >>